Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

motivational quote: As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble. - Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1803-1882, Essayist, Lecturer, and Poet

Motivational Quote by Earl Nightingale

motivational quote: People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. - Earl Nightingale – 1921-1989, Writer and Radio Personality

Motivational Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

motivational quote: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. - Author

Motivational Quote by John Ruskin

motivational quote: The highest reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it. - John Ruskin – 1819-1900, Art Critic and Philanthropist

Motivational Quote by Johnny Carson

motivational quote: My success just evolved from working hard at the business at hand each day. - Johnny Carson – 1925-2005, Television Host

Motivational Quote by Dale Carnegie

motivational quote: Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. - Dale Carnegie – 1888-1955, Author and Speaker

Motivational Quote by James Allen

motivational quote: The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs. - James Allen – 1864-1912, Writer

Motivational Quote by Peter Diamandis

motivational quote: Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on the planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility. - Peter Diamandis – Engineer and Entrepreneur

Motivational Quote by Wayne Dyer

motivational quote: What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds. - Wayne Dyer – 1940-2015, Author and Speaker

Motivational Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

motivational quote: An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. - Mahatma Gandhi – 1869-1948, Leader of the Indian Independence Movement

Motivational Quote by Paulo Coelho

motivational quote: The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion. - Paulo Coelho - Author

Motivational Quote by Steve Maraboli

motivational quote: Your life isn’t behind you; your memories are behind you. Your life is always ahead of you. Today is a new day – seize it! - Steve Maraboli – Author and Speaker

Motivational Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich

motivational quote: Gratitude doesn’t change the scenery. It merely washes clean the glass you look through so you can clearly see the colors. - Richelle E. Goodrich - Author

Motivational Quote by Amelia Earhart

motivational quote: The most difficult thing is the decision to act - the rest is merely tenacity. - Amelia Earhart – 1897-1937, Aviator

Motivational Quote by Jim Henson

motivational quote: Life is like a movie. Write your own ending - keep believing! - Jim Henson – 1936-1990, Puppeteer, Screenwriter, and Producer