Life Quotes

Motivational Quote by Ruth E. Renkel

 motivational quote: Never fear shadows, they simply mean there's a light shining nearby.</p><p>Ruth E. Renkel - 1915-1983 - Writer

Motivational Quote by Sushil Aggarwal

 motivational quote: When you know your worth, no one can make you feel worthless.</p><p>Sushil Aggarwal - Entrepreneur-Philanthropist

Motivational Quote by Edith Wharton

 motivational quote: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.</p><p>Edith Wharton - 1862-1937 - Writer

Motivational Quote by John C. Maxwell

 motivational quote: The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.</p><p>John C. Maxwell - Author-Speaker-Pastor

Motivational Quote by Brian Littrell

 motivational quote: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.</p><p>Brian Littrell - Singer-Music Artist

Motivational Quote by Ken Poirot

 motivational quote: Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want.    Ken  Poirot - Author

Motivational Quote by Robert H. Schuller

 motivational quote: Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.    Robert H. Schuller - 1926-2015 - Televangelist-Author

Motivational Quote by Michael Altshuler

 motivational quote: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.</p><p>Michael Altshuler - Entrepreneur-Motivational Speaker-Sales Expert

Motivational Quote by Les Brown

 motivational quote: Goals help you channel your energy into action.    Les Brown - Motivational Speaker

Motivational Quote Norman Vaughan

 motivational quote: Dream big and dare to fail.</p><p>Norman Vaughan - 1905-2005 - Dogsled Driver-Explorer

Motivational Quote by Erin Hanson

 motivational quote: You are your home.    Erin Hanson - Artist

Motivational Quote by Md Parvej Ansari

 motivational quote: You may not be able to change the current situation, but you can still try your best.</p><p>Md Parvej Ansari - Professional Blogger

Motivational Quote by Nelson Mandela

 motivational quote: A winner is a dreamer who never gave up.</p><p>Nelson Mandela - 1918-2013 - Political Leader - Philanthropist - Former President of South Africa

Motivational Quote by Roy Bennett

 motivational quote: The more you feed your mind with the positive thoughts, the more you attract great things into your life.</p><p>Roy Bennett - Roy Bennett - 1957-2018 - Politician

Motivational Quote by William James

 motivational quote: Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.</p><p>William James - 1842-1910 - American Philosopher